Commercial Fire Protection Services

Southwest Fire Pros is your go-to company in the Coachella Valley for commercial fire safety solutions. We provide the services you need to protect your business from fire hazards.

Dangers of Commercial Fires:

  • Damaged Merchandise
  • Death of Employees and/or Customers
  • Lost Records
  • Permanent Loss of Businesses
  • Ruined Equipment
  • Serious Injuries

National Fire Protection Association NFPA 13:

  • Consistent standards for procedures, installation, and conditions for installing fire sprinkler systems
  • Consult with fire safety authorities when installing sprinkler systems

Commercial Requirements for Sprinkler Systems

New commercial structures with a fire area exceeding 3,600 sq ft, remodeled or renovated properties, and any single-tenant expansion requiring a new certificate of occupancy must have fire sprinkler systems installed throughout the building.

If the sprinkler system is fed by a non-pressurized water tank or a municipal water system, fire pumps should be installed. The additional pumps help increase the amount of pressure in a single-sprinkler system.

If possible, a fire pump should be housed in a separate building. If the pump is in the same building, it should be enclosed in a fire-rated room with an exterior entrance. The rooms should be marked for easy access.

Water supply valves should be accessible for easy operation. Valves should be clearly marked and identifiable with exterior signs showing the locations of each valve.

Stairway valves should be protected and easily accessible during a fire. The placement of the valves should also be covered by the water source.

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