Residential Fire Safety Services

Southwest Fire Pros offers fire safety inspection, repairs, and testing services to homeowners in the Coachella Valley. In addition, we design safety plans for new and existing construction projects with underground space.

Turn to us today and let us make sure that your home or building is code-compliant. We will also file plans and obtain permits for you, as well as provide all of the access panels you need for your fire protection system.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind when you choose us because we have extensive knowledge in the field of fire safety. We have been using and specializing in flex drops since 1998, the longest in the Valley.

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems by Southwest Fire Pros:

  • Code: NFPA13D
  • No Horn Strobe
  • No Inspector’s Test
  • No Upright Protection
  • Requires No Flow Switch

Our Sprinkler Systems Include:

  • Concealed Heads With White Plates
  • Five-Year Certification
  • Flow Switch
  • Horn/Strobe Alarm System (Exterior)
  • Inspector’s Test
  • Main Drain (Service the System)
  • Pressure Relief (60 –120 PSI; Systems Only Rated 175 PSI)
  • Spring-Loaded Check Valve
  • Upright Protection
  • Garages That Reach 200 Degrees

California Fire Code

The old code requires one sprinkler head per 1,000 sq ft, so a 4,000 sq ft property needs to have four heads. For homes, we suggest that one sprinkler head is installed in the attic space, garage, kitchen, and master bedroom. We always try to put one sprinkler head in the common hallway. Walk-in closets should also be considered when setting up a residential fire protection system.

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Get a better idea of how safe your home is from fire damage. Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection. You may also get in touch with us for repairs and testing.